Jeremiah 29 Initiative

Are you looking for a focus in 2021? Try the Jeremiah 29 initiative. The initiative was developed in the summer of 2020 after it became clear that the pandemic would persist.

During the exile, Jeremiah instructed God’s people to build, plant, and pray. How do we do this? We emphasize daily Bible reading and prayer and focus upon our families and community. To help with this we developed several tools. Each component includes a graphic that provides an overview of a particular topic such as developing a quiet time or starting a spiritual conversation. Blogs provide more information about the topic. And, if you would rather watch than read about the topic, we have included videos for you. Graphics, blogs, and videos walk participants through the process. These resources can be used to guide Bible studies.

Initiativa Jeremías 29 en Español
What is the Jeremiah 29 Initiative All About?

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Daily Bible Reading

We believe we will be different if we are in the Word every day. Download color bookmarks or black and white bookmarks that can be used to enhance Bible reading. The bookmark prompts the reader to ask key questions.

Making the Most of Quiet Time

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Meditate on the Scriptures
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Memorizing Scripture
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Video for Kids


Applying Scripture

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Praying Scripturally

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Daily Prayer

Prayer is key to God using our lives. Download the prayer journal, which can be adapted as you see fit. You can also customize your own monthly prayer calendar. Just type in your requests for each day, then you can save the pdf or print it for your church or home.

Prayers of Adoration

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Prayers of Confession

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Prayers of Thanksgiving

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Praying for Others

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Focus on Your Family

The next element in Jeremiah 29 focuses on passing one’s faith to family and developing a God honoring home.

Pass On Your Faith

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Build a Godly Home

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Train Up a Child

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Show a Child

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Focus on Your Community

The last element of the initiative is to focus on reaching our community. We begin by looking at how to minister to people in our church, followed by ministering to children with special needs, and finally how to start spiritual conversations with others.

Focus on Your Church

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Starting Spiritual Conversations

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Better Together Podcast: “Training Your Church to Have Spiritual Conversations with Unbelievers”
Better Together Podcast: “How One Church Built Bridges to Its Community”



Ministering to Children With Special Needs

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Better Together Podcast: “How to Reach Children (and Their Parents) With Special Needs”
Better Together Podcast: “Starting a Good News Club in Your Local School”
Don’t Know What to Do?

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Read the Family-First Post-COVID Strategy by Dr. Kelton Hinton
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