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General Information


The Free Will Baptist denomination is baptistic in government, recognizing the autonomy of each local church. Local churches are organized into quarterly meetings, which in turn are grouped into district associations. These district associations come together in state associations and the various state associations comprise the National Association.

The National Association meets annually for the purpose of conducting business and formulating its program of work. Denominational ministries are represented through departments— Executive Office, Board of Retirement, Free Will Baptist Foundation, IM Inc., North American Ministries, Randall House Publications, Welch College, and WNAC. The work of each department is projected through its board which is elected by the National Association.

The National Offices Building of Free Will Baptists is located at 5233 Mt. View Road, Antioch, Tennessee. All departments are located at the Antioch address except two: Randall House Publications located at 114 Bush Road, Nashville, and Welch College located at 1045 Bison Trail, Gallatin.


With a strong biblical and fervent evangelistic emphasis, this denomination continues to have a significant impact in North America and around the world. Membership is 2,100 churches in the National Association of Free Will Baptists.

The entire work and ministry of the National Association is promoted and correlated by the Executive Office. This office also plans the annual national convention. In cooperation with seven other agencies, the Executive Office publishes a bimonthly magazine (ONE Magazine).

Board of Retirement and Insurance 877-767-7738

Since 1969, the Board of Retirement has been the FWB denomination’s financial arm, offering financial education to denominational members as well as managing the denomination’s retirement benefits program of the employees of Free Will Baptist churches, schools, and agencies. The Board of Retirement also provides institutional investing options for FWB churches, schools, and agencies to help further the ministry of Free Will Baptists.

Free Will Baptist Foundation 877-336-7575

Free Will Baptist Foundation serves national, state, district ministries, and local churches. The Foundation offers basic estate planning assistance for families and charitable gifts through special trust arrangements. These arrangements may provide lifetime income to donors and gifts to the ministries following the donor’s death. The Foundation also offers money management services to individuals and organizations. Through these, grants are awarded to various ministries each year.

IM, Inc. 877-767-7736

IM, Inc. serves the Free Will Baptist denomination as the channel for cross-cultural ministries around the world. IM missionaries serve in eight countries and partners with the national church or agencies placing personnel in 29 other countries. Our field missionaries are focused on six major tasks: (1) ministering to people’s needs, (2) sharing a message of compassion and hope, (3) discipling all who accept Christ, (4) planting churches, (5) training leaders, and (6) partnering with other believers and agencies who share our passion for the Great Commission. This fulfills our mission statement: “We exist to labor with the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.”

North American Ministries 877-767-7674

Free Will Baptist North American Ministries exists to equip and send church planters and chaplains to plant healthy churches and to make disciples in North America. North American Ministries has 89 active mission works in 26 states, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. North American Ministries is also responsible for placing Free Will Baptist chaplains into the armed forces to minister to service men and women.

Randall House (Sunday School and Church Training) 800-877-7030

Randall House works to build believers through church and home. A nonprofit ministry, it serves as the publisher for Free Will Baptists. Randall House is committed to promoting the cause of Christ among His Kingdom and local churches through the development and distribution of small group studies, Sunday School curriculum, books, training, and other resources and events relevant to everyday life that emphasize generational discipleship. Implementing God’s original design from Deuteronomy 6, Randall House ministers to all generations throughout the natural diversity found within the body of Christ, and more specifically, our denomination. By hosting the Vertical Three Conference, CTS Ministry Expo, Youth Evangelistic Team, Truth and Peace Student Leadership Conference, and the D6 Conference, training is provided to ministry leaders, parents, teens, and children worldwide.

Welch College 800-763-9222

The educational interest of the denomination is represented by Welch College in Gallatin, Tennessee. The college is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and nationally accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education to offer associates, bachelors, and masters degrees. Standards are high with a strong emphasis on spiritual formation, mentoring, and the integration of faith and learning.

WNAC 877-767-7662

The FWB Women’s Ministries department, WNAC, exists to provide opportunities for each woman to fulfill the Great Commission through her God-designed roles at home and abroad. Our Bible study guide, Treasure, and accompanying resources are available online to assist individual women and local groups. Seminars, workshops, retreats, and Ladies’ Day events are hosted to encourage, strengthen, and equip each woman.



Commission for Theological Integrity

The five-member Commission for Theological Integrity was formed in 1959 to resist the effects of  Protestant liberalism. The commission is tasked with safeguarding the theological direction of the National Association of Free Will Baptists through awareness and education regarding theological issues.

Historical Commission

The Free Will Baptist Historical Commission exists to preserve Free Will Baptist historical materials and to educate Free Will Baptists regarding their heritage.

Music Commission

The Free Will Baptist Music Commission exists to help everyday people become better worship leaders. This five-member team not only provides training, inspiration, and encouragement but also assists with the music program at the National Convention.

Media Commission

The FWB Media Commission exists to help Free Will Baptists effectively communicate the Word of God through the latest communication technologies. The commission also handles the live streaming and social media aspects of the National Convention each year.