Free Will Baptist Catechism

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by Dr. Paul Harrison

Catechism? What’s That?

The most common word translated “teach” in the New Testament is the Greek term didasko, from which we derive the word didactic. Another Greek word rendered “teach” is catecheo. From this word we get the term catechism and several other related words.

A catechism is simply a question and answer document used as a tool to teach truths about God and the Bible. It has a long history in the church, and many Christian parents have used catechisms to instruct their children in the teachings of the Lord. Even Free Will Baptist forebears have employed this tool. For example, 17th-century theologian Thomas Grantham wrote one, calling it St. Paul’s Catechism.

Recognizing the useful potential of such a tool, we have created a 57-question catechism for Free Will Baptists. It is designed to take five minutes before bedtime or after dinner. Both children and adults are encouraged to memorize a question and answer each week. Children will learn Bible doctrine, while adults review doctrine they know already.

Download the Free Will Baptist Catechism. If you think it might fit into your church’s ministry, please feel free to use it.