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From the Editor:

Welcome to PULP1T magazine! The Executive Office is grateful to Free Will Baptist Foundation for providing a grant to make these occasional “bonus” issues of ONE Magazine possible. In recent days, the denomination has expressed concern about church revitalization, and one of the keys to revitalization is encouraging and inspiring pastors weighed down by the cares and concerns of ministry. Pastoring is never an easy job, and the complex issues raised constantly by our postmodern culture make it even more challenging.

PULP1T is an excellent opportunity to encourage, support, and equip pastors. Congregations will benefit from refreshed and inspired pastors armed with new ideas and vision. And the health of pastors and churches determine the health of our denomination.

PULP1T magazine is free for any pastor or church leader who would like to receive it. Simply email editor@nafwb.org or call the Executive Office at 877-767-7659 to be added to the mailing list.


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