PULPIT Magazine – Fall 2017

Why confront racism in the premiere issue of ONE Magazine?

When the late Tom McCullough spoke on racism during the 2015 national convention, his humble call to acknowledge, confront, and abandon racism for the sake of the gospel struck a chord. While Free Will Baptists have a rich history of standing for the rights of the oppressed, it is crucial that each succeeding generation continue to look within, to ruthlessly root out any vestige of prejudice that would hinder the work of the gospel.

Scripture speaks clearly regarding racism. It’s sin. It should have no place in the heart and life of any believer. Yet, as fallen beings, we all need to be reminded on a regular basis—as Tom McCullough stated so eloquently in his article—“God cares nothing about the color of a man’s skin but about the condition of his heart.” Interestingly, the deadline for PULP1T writers fell the week after horrible events in Charlottesville, Virginia, thrust the subject of race back into the national headlines. As usual, God’s timing is impeccable.

I am grateful for Free Will Baptist writers, pastors, and church members who share the truths of God’s Word openly, fairly, and without apology, even when the subjects are difficult or controversial. When dark topics are brought from shadows into light and discussed openly, God can heal the festering wounds of sin.

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