Sometimes, churches need a change

Introducing Refresh:

Refresh Article (from February/March ONE Magazine)

All churches need periodic renewal, strengthened faith, new focus, and sometimes, a complete overhaul. Together, the Executive Office and North American Ministries offer help to refresh struggling churches through various resources:

+ Assessment

How is your church doing? How could it be improved? Use some of these assessment resources to examine strengths and weaknesses of your church:

Church Assessment

Closing a Church the “Right” Way (David Brown)

Evaluating the Ministry of a Local Church (Dr. Danny Dwyer)

How Healthy is Your Church? (Dr. Danny Dwyer)

Merging Churches: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (Dr. Danny Dwyer

SWOT Analysis (Clint Morgan)

Personal Assessment

Assess Yourself (Dr. Brad Ransom & Dr. Eddie Moody)

Pacing Our Lifestyles (Terry Pierce & Dr. Eddie Moody)

Spiritual Formation of Ministers (Terry Pierce & Dr. Eddie Moody)

+ Podcast

Check out the Better Together Podcast for practical, informative interviews to help you and your church enhance your ministry. We also have a playlist of Refresh resource videos on our YouTube.

+ Resources

Take advantage of print and video resources to meet your specific needs:

D6 EveryDay Curriculum

Fresh Wind Resources


ONE Magazine and Pulpit Magazine Articles:

From One Pastor to Another: The Test & Testimony of a Pastoral Transition

Lessons in Leaving

Pastor Wanted

The Interim Pastor

When Daddy Is the Pastor

+ Coaching

Does your church need more extensive help and pastoral coaching? Use the contact form below to get connected with a Refresh coach in your area.