2021 Convention Seminars

Click a link below to listen to seminars from the 2021 National Convention. Seminars can be downloaded from the next screen.

A Vision for the Post-COVID Church (Chad Kivette)

Answers in Acts (Curt Holland)

Baptizing Kids: How to Know If They’re Ready and How to Make It Clear (Steve Greenwood & Jacob Riggs)

Building a Gospel-Shaped Ministry (Jesse Owens)

C.S. Lewis: A Most Unusual Life (Paul Harrison)

Cheap Gifts (FWB Foundation)

Crossing the Divide Between the Established English-Speaking FWB Congregation and the Hispanic Community (Jose Rodriguez)

Developing a Thriving Family Ministry (Lena Wooten)

Developing Meaningful and Influential Conversations With Your Kids (Ron Hunter)

Diez Cualidades de un Lider (Dino Urena)

Discipleship Tools for Every Day (Katie Greenwood)

Do Black People Really Experience Disproportionate Injustice in America: Findings and Encouragements (Jacob Riggs)

Do We Even Need a Free Will Baptist Denomination? (Matthew Pinson)

Elementary Apologetics With Elements Kids Worship (Steve Greenwood)

Encontrando Gozo y Paz en el Ministerio, Parte 1 (Maday Rodriguez)

Encontrando Gozo y Paz en el Ministerio, Parte 2 (Karelys Veliz-Perez)

Engaging Exposition: How to Sharpen Your Preaching Skills (Jeff Manning)

Honoring God in Your Personal Finances (Craig Mahler)

How THP Brings Help, Hope, and Healing to Missions and Your Ministry (Danny Gasperson)

How to Become an IM Missionary (Neil Gilliland)

Intergenerational Relationships (Ana Batts & Debe Taylor)

International Discipleship (Tyler & Kellie Penn)

International Partnerships and the WMO (Kenneth Eagleton)

Investing Practices for Churches and Ministries (John Brummitt)

Key Retirement Strategies (John Brummitt)

Leading Your Volunteer Musicians (Kevin Justice)

Measuring a Mission-Minded Church (Don Matchett)

Mental Health After the Pandemic: Theology and Member Care (Sarah Bracey & Zachery Maloney)

Ministering to Special Needs Children and Their Families (Merinda Parrish)

Navigating the College Financial Maze (Debbie Mouser)

No Dejes tu Primer Amor (Alfredo Botello)

Planting a Church in a Pandemic (Chris Davenport)

Presbytery Survey Results from the Committee on Denominational Research (Danny Baer)

Quieres Estar Pleno (Fernando Bustamante)

Ready-to-Go Worship Sets From the “Rejoice” Hymn Book (Doug Little)

Rekindle Coaching (Danny Dwyer)

Rethinking Youth Ministry for Sustainable Growth (Christopher Talbot)

Revitalizing the Small & Medium-Size Church (Todd Parrish)

Selecting Songs Your Church Can Actually Sing (Josh Owens)

Strangers in Our Land (Casey Jones & Clint Morgan)

The Administrative Pastor (Jeff Jones)

The Bible – It’s Not Just for Sunday: How Families Can Engage With God and His Word Every Day (Jon Forrest & David Womack)

The Church’s Role in Public Life in the New LGBT Environment (Eddie Moody, Matthew McAffee, Matthew S. Bracey, Matthew Pinson)

The Heart of Worship (Daniel Webster)

The Pastor Crisis (Tim York)

The Romans 7 Syndrome and Parenting: How to Help Parents Overcome the Hurdles That Hinder Loving Relational Discipleship (David Womack)

What is the Equality Act, and How Will It Affect My Church and Denomination? (Matthew S. Bracey)

What the Last 18 Months Taught Us About Discipleship (Ron Hunter)

Where God Transforms Children of War Into Children of Hope (Cindy Cunningham)

Worship Leader Is My Title, But What Is My Job? (Tony Cooper)

Your Website Is Not Working: The Main Thing It Must Do & Five Best Options to Make That Happen (Joshua Riggs)