PULPIT Magazine – Summer 2020

The ministry is tough. No doubt about that! Tennessee pastor Corey Minter describes himself as “exhausted, burdened, yet fulfilled” after every Sunday. Yet he is quick to acknowledge that pastoring is also a blessing, as “the mighty, awesome One is near, empowering us in the pulpit, preparing us in the study, and even dispensing joy in the darkened sanctuary after the last congregant has left.”

The summer 2020 edition of PULP1T Magazine takes that mindset as it “finds life” in the small churches, examines the calling to ministry, shares strategies for managing a busy schedule, and offers encouragement to help avoid being overcome by the rigors of life. Most importantly, this issue reminds us the greatest source of power for life and ministry comes from the atoning work of Christ.



Finding Life in the Small Church

Are You Called to Bi-vocational Ministry?

Six Strategies for Finishing Your Education

What Is Leading Your Worship?

Called to Ministry?

Out of Time

Making Butterflies From Worms

Brown Around the Edges

The Open Door

The Power of the Atonement



Prequel: Preacher Driggers

Pastoral Perspective: Sober Judgment Needed