Sometimes, churches need a change

Introducing Refresh:

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Refresh Article (from February/March ONE Magazine)

All churches need periodic renewal, strengthened faith, new focus, and sometimes, a complete overhaul. Together, the Executive Office and North American Ministries offer help to refresh struggling churches through various resources:

+ Church / Pastor Search Resources

Addressing the Pastor Shortage (NAFWB Moderator Tim York)

The Pastor/Church Marriage (NAFWB Moderator Tim York)

Below are two questionnaires that can aid a church in its search for a pastor. The Church Questionnaire guides a search committee through a series of questions that would provide potential candidates with helpful information about the church. The Pastoral Questionnaire gets detailed information on the history of a pastoral candidate as well as his ministry experience and philosophies.

Church Questionnaire 

(This form is a fillable form. You can fill it out using Adobe Reader, the print it or save it to your computer. You can email it to or upload your church questionnaire to our database.)

Pastoral Questionnaire

Cuestionario para los Candidates a la Posición Pastoral

+ Assessment

How is your church doing? How could it be improved? Use some of these assessment resources to examine strengths and weaknesses of your church:

Church Assessment

3D Leadership (Based on the book by Dr. Harry Reeder)

Becoming a Welcoming Church (based on the book by Dr. Thom Rainer)

Questions Every Church Should Ask Now (Eddie Moody & Clint Morgan)

The DNA of D6 Church Assessment (Downloadable .zip file with a printable pdf survey and an auto-scoring Excel version)

Evaluating the Ministry of a Local Church (Dr. Danny Dwyer)

How Healthy is Your Church? (Dr. Danny Dwyer)

Know Your Church (Dr. Danny Dwyer)

Merging Churches: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (Dr. Danny Dwyer)

SWOT Analysis (Clint Morgan)

GRACE Outreach (Dr. Bruce Barnes)

Closing a Church the “Right” Way (David Brown)

Personal Assessment

Assess Yourself (Dr. Brad Ransom & Dr. Eddie Moody)

Pacing Our Lifestyles (Terry Pierce & Dr. Eddie Moody)

Partners in Prayer

Spiritual Formation of Ministers (Terry Pierce & Dr. Eddie Moody)

+ Podcast

Check out the Better Together Podcast for practical, informative interviews to help you and your church enhance your ministry. We also have a playlist of Refresh resource videos on our YouTube.

+ Resources

Take advantage of print and video resources to meet your specific needs:

D6 EveryDay Curriculum

Fresh Wind Resources


ONE Magazine and Pulpit Magazine Articles:

From One Pastor to Another: The Test & Testimony of a Pastoral Transition

Lessons in Leaving

Pastor Wanted

The Interim Pastor

When Daddy Is the Pastor

+ Coaching

Does your church need more extensive help and pastoral coaching? Use the contact form below to get connected with a Rekindle coach in your area.