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Train Week 1: Training People in the Gospel

Train Week 2: Training Teens in the Gospel

Train Week 3: Training Couples in the Gospel

Train Week 4: Training By Example

Train Resources
Church Ministry & Leadership

Answering the Call to Ministry (Dr. Barry Raper)

Becoming a Welcoming Church (Dr. Brad Ransom)

Discipleship: The Expression of Saving Faith (Dr. Robert Picirilli) – Buy the book: Discipleship: The Expression of Saving Faith

FWB History and the Church Covenant (Dr. Robert Picirilli)

FWB Theology (Dr. Robert Picirilli) Helping Everyday People Become Better Worship Leaders (FWB Music Commission)

Handbook for Deacons (Randall House)

Improving Your Guest Experience (North American Ministries)

Proverbs: The Ultimate Training Manual (Dr. Robert Picirilli) – Buy the book: Readings in Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Age

Starting a Prayer Ministry (Dr. Danny Dwyer)

Surviving Culture (Dr. Eddie Moody)

Unpacking Your New D6 EveryDay Curriculum (Randall House)


Family & Personal Discipleship

For more on generational discipleship, visit

About You, About Me (Dr. Ron Hunter) Buy the journal: About You, About Me: Generational Legacy Journal

Bible Memorization Techniques for Kids (Jon Forrest)

Coaching Parents to Get Involved in Generational Discipleship (David Womack)

Faith Family Talks (Sandy Atwood)

Family Fun Questions With Dad (Randall House)

Family Fun Questions With Mom (Randall House)

How You Can Approach Baptism With Children (Steve Greenwood & Jacob Riggs)

Parenting Teens (Richard Ross & David Booth)

Surviving Culture: Parent Edition (Dr. Eddie Moody)

Tech Savvy Parenting (Brian Housman)

Visionary Marriage (Rob & Amy Rienow)

Visionary Parenting (Rob & Amy Rienow)


From the Jeremiah 29 Initiative (Fall 2020)

Build a Godly Home

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Train Up a Child

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Show a Child

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