The National Association of Free Will Baptists is here to help you!

We understand the challenges faced today by Christian families and churches. That’s why Eddie Moody and the NAFWB Team provides a wide range of resources for churches, families, and individual believers. We offer assessment tools, training, digital and social media resources, church revitalization resources, coaching and much more! Consider just a few of the following important tools we offer.


Three for Thirty

Our churches need to grow.
We need to disciple our children.
I want to give my all to the Lord.

These crucial goals require specific actions. Free Will Baptists have adopted the decade-long 3 for 30 Plan, which involves reaching and training people and giving resources back to the Lord. When we do these together, churches and ministries are more likely to grow.




Know Your Community

It is hard to reach your church community unless you really understand who lives there! Nearly 20% of Free Will Baptist churches have now completed the Know Your Community report. These statistical reports, provided in partnership with Church Answers, consist of carefully compiled U.S. Census and ESRI (Environmental System Research Institute) data. The reports provide an invaluable picture of the communities where Free Will Baptist churches are located and the unique opportunities for outreach available to our churches:





From social media, church tools, and printed materials to Rekindle coaching and the Better Together Podcast, many resources are available to help your church or association grow. Many resources are now offered in Spanish. You can now find all of these resources in one convenient location: