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The April-May 2024 issue of ONE Magazine is now available online. Articles and columns are also available in audio format.

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ONE Magazine fulfills the dream of a unified denominational magazine. For many years, each agency of the National Association of Free Will Baptists published its own independent correspondence. In contrast, ONE Magazine combines the resources of eight denominational agencies into a bi-monthly, full-color magazine. Sent free to more than 50,000 readers, ONE Magazine gives a unified voice and vision to the denomination, as is stated in its mission:

To communicate to Free Will Baptists a unifying vision of our role in the extension of God’s Kingdom.

Free Will Baptist agencies represented in the magazine include:

Board of Retirement

The Executive Office

FWB Foundation

IM, Inc.

North American Ministries

Randall House Publications

Welch College

Women Nationally Active for Christ