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Download the prayer/Bible reading calendar for November:

Give Prayer Calendar (November) – pdf

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Give Week 1: Develop a Heart for Giving

Give Week 2: Give of Yourself

Give Week 3: Give Sacrificially

Give Resources

Being a Good Steward (Dr. Eddie Moody – from the 2021 National Convention)

Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus (Josh)

Caring for Senior Adults (Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly)

Give Today, Impact Tomorrow (Bill Evans)

Giving Your Life By Adopting (Mindy Cariker Wiggins)

Giving It All Away: An Interview With David Green (Fusion, Summer 2017)

How to Be Productive in 2021 (Dr. James Stevens)

How One Church Built Bridges to Its Community (Brian Williams)

Impact Your Community Through the American Red Cross (Barry Porter)

Making Eternal Investments (Don Matchett)

Men at Work (David Brown)

Ministering Through a Disaster (Todd Taylor)

My Journey to Tithing (Steven Simpkins – Fusion Next, Spring 2020)

Praying for Those Who Serve (Jeff and Teri Cockrell – Fusion Next, Fall 2019)

Strangers in Our Land (Clint Morgan – Fusion Next, Summer 2019)

The Extent of Our Compassion (Jacob Riggs – Fusion, Summer 2017)

Why Estate Planning Matters (Mike Wootton)

Will You Follow God? (Michael Beatty)

Your Money Makes a Difference (David Crowe)