Disaster Response in KY, TN

Tornadoes ripped through western Kentucky and parts of Tennessee early Saturday morning, leaving miles of destruction in its path. Dozens lost their lives and still more are unaccounted for.

Disaster Response Director Kenneth Akers says, “After assessing all the options, here are our plans. Since Mayfield, KY, is still in search mode and there are hundreds of people going there, we will be working in the Dover, TN, area, where we have Free Will Baptist churches to work through. We are ignoring the needs of Mayfield because we don’t have FWB churches there, it just makes more sense to work in areas where there are less people responding. For those that would like to help in the Mayfield area, we have a partner group there working. For those able to participate in response efforts in other parts of Western KY, you can email Pastor Tim Hall.

What we are asking is for our people to help provide funds and gift cards. These will be distributed to those that have lost their homes to help provide needed supplies including food, clothing and possibly Christmas gifts. You can send your donations with “Tornado Relief” in the memo line to:

Master’s Men

PO Box 5002

Antioch, TN 37011

For more information on our Disaster Response Teams, contact Master’s Men at 877-767-8039.