2023 Convention Seminars

A View From Joy’s Window – Neil Gilliland

Accessible Disciples: Providing Ministry Opportunities for Individuals With Disabilities – Julie Brickhouse

Arminian Baptists: Early General Baptist Identity – David Lytle

Arminian Baptists: Free Will Baptist Identity in the 20th Century – Charles Cook

Baby Boomers: An Untapped Resource – Doug Earls

Biblical Conflict Resolution – Whitney Lute

Building a Family Ministry From the Ground Up – Lena Wooten

Building a Foundation for Discipleship – Katie Greenwood

Child Soldiers Find Hope – Cindy Cunningham

Christians in Culture – Matthew S. Bracey

Church Planting in Bangladesh – Shakil

Church Revitalization: The Future is Now – Danny Dwyer

Connecting the Church and Home Through Social Media – Lauren Biggs

Connecting to a Community – Jonathan & Stephanie Locklear

Conservativism, Liberalism, and Progressivism: A Christian Perspective – Matthew S. Bracey

Crisis Training for Church Leaders – Sarah Bracey

Dealing With Depression: Theological Psychology – Sarah Bracey

Free Will Baptists and Religious Liberty – Jesse Owens

Greatly Loved – Amy McDonald

First Aid for Emotional Hurts: The Tools You Need to Answer the Call to Help the Hurting – Eddie Moody

Future Ministry of Churches – John Brummitt

Gospel Growth in Difficult Times: Lessons From the Early General Baptists – Jesse Owens

Happily Ever After: What is Happiness? – Keren Delgado

Helps for Healthy Ministry Families – Merinda Parrish & Ellen Stox

Hosting an Outreach Event for Your Church – Bob Fowler

How Can Pastors Build Stronger Relationships With Missionaries? – Ken Cash

How Can Your Church Respond Following a Natural Disaster? – Disaster Response Team

How Planning Center Can Help Your Church Grow – Joshua Riggs

Media Tools for Equipping Churches – FWB Media Commission

Ministering Cross-Culturally in the Togolese Republic – Matthew Price

Old Testament Spirituality: Assessing Michael Heiser’s “The Unseen Realm” – Matthew McAffee

Ordinary Christianity for Ordinary Christians – Ed Goode

Pastoral Counseling With the LGBTQ Community – Eddie Moody

Post-COVID Church Survey Findings – Danny Baer

Raising Relational Teens in a Screen-Driven World – Arlene Pellicane

Reaching Families Through Backyard Bible Clubs – Jeff Nichols

Reaching People Who Are Hostile to Christianity: A Bulgarian Perspective – Trif Trifonov

Rethinking Discipleship – David Womack

Retirement Planning Basics – Chris Compton

Roadmap to Revitalization: Charting the Way to a Healthy Church – Todd Parrish

Sharing the Gospel With Muslims in the Secular Country of France – Jacob

Starting a Ministry to International Students – Tyler Penn

The Art of Neighboring – Josh Hampton

The Landmines of Social Media in Missions – Lauren Biggs, Kristi Johnson, Don Matchett, & Jacob

The Missionary’s Spiritual Life – Tim Johnson

The Tools You Need for Church Revitalization: Know Your Community, The Hope Initiative, and Rekindle – Eddie Moody

Tune Up Your Teaching: Christian Song as a Discipleship Tool – Daniel Webster

Using CTS as a Discipleship Tool – Derek Altom & Danny Conn

We’re Using Old Maps: The Future of Children’s Ministry – Melanie Hester

What Does It Mean to Be a National Missionary in France? – Jonathan & Michelle Chereau

What is “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement?” – Danny Gasperson & Jerry Gibbs

Who Is Influencing Whom: Church or Sports? – Greg Fawbush

Yes, You Can Start a Good News Club in Your Local School – Jeff Nichols

Your Small Church Can Make Disciples – John Collier