Growing Together

Download the September Prayer Calendar (jpg) Download the September Prayer Calendar (pdf)             Although there are times when we have all been tired of Zoom in the last few months, the pandemic has taught us that Zoom, and other technologies have created the opportunity for people all over the world to come together. We are excited to announce some of these opportunities. Find the full list and schedule here and below. To register, email us at to learn about the requirements and expectations to participate in these discussions.                 Book Discussions We all learn from reading a good book; however, we can harness even more of that knowledge when we read and discuss. We have several opportunities for book discussions coming up about texts that are used in the Rekindle program. Mutual Encouragement Groups We can often learn much and be encouraged just by getting together and discussion issues we are facing in the ministry. We will begin launching groups for pastors, and pastor’s wives in the fall. Dr. Tim York will lead a Pastor Hangout. This will be an opportunity for pastors discuss any concerns they have and … Continue reading Growing Together